Realium Team

Demitri Haddad: Global security advisory at Amazon Web Services and co-founder of Axia Labs where he serves as a technology consultant. Demitri serves as a regional chair for the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise. Demitri also holds accredited certifications from Amazon Web Services and Sandia National Labs.

Danny Guzman: Graduate Student of Information Systems from Brigham Young University. He is an experienced software engineer and currently works for MyEducator. He currently holds an accredited certification through Amazon Web Services. He has experience working with both tiny startups and larger companies, most recently having worked with Honeywell Inc.


Trevan Reese: Software engineer at SimpleNexus, building out a digital mortgage platform. He is experienced in several technologies and programming languages which he has learned from working for small startups like AcneXpert as well as large corporations like ExxonMobil.

Jason Stewart: Graduate student of Information Systems from Brigham Young University and tech consultant at Pariveda. He has experience with a wide range of technologies which he has used to build personal projects like a personalized scoreboard to follow sports and a map of his hikes in Utah.

Robert Upchurch


Carl Youngblood: Head of solutions architecture for the Amazon Managed Blockchain service, which helps customers deploy their blockchain networks on Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum more quickly, with less management overhead.

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