Tokenized Competitors

A look into what other companies are doing and how it relates to Realium

Tokenized Competitors

Tokenized competitors implement blockchain technology to solve the problems addressed previously in this whitepaper.


RealToken is a system for tokenizing property in the United States, that retains all legal rights and protections provided by traditional ownership of real estate. This system is structured around RealToken LLC (“RealToken LLC” or “ReatT”), a Delaware series limited liability company (“LLC”). Ownership of the Series is tokenized to unique ERC-20 tokens (“RealTokens”) on the Ethereum blockchain, each of which represents an equity ownership interest in one of the independent series of the RealToken LLC and, thus, in the real estate property owned by the Series.
Through the services of an LLC and Series manager, or Managing Member, and a property management company, the LLC and each of the Series of the LLC can be maintained with little-to-no engagement from any token holding individuals, while the individuals themselves retain full legal rights to the property held by the series. Through the use of Ethereum’s IPFS (Interplanetary File System), which RealT expects to implement in the future, all necessary documents that prove ownership of the real estate by token holders can be accessible at any time, by anyone, from anywhere
Source: RealT Whitepaper